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The Arts

Vol.33, No.1Jan/Feb 2024

The Head & the Heart

Vol.33, No.2Mar/Apr 2024

This Isn't the Reformation You're Looking For

Vol.33, No.3May/Jun 2024

Go and Make Disciples

Vol.33, No.4Jul/Aug 2024


The Spiritual Life

Vol.32, No.1Jan/Feb 2023

The Goodness of Humanity

Vol.32, No.2Mar/Apr 2023

“This Is My Body”

Vol.32, No.3May/Jun 2023

Embodiment & Technology

Vol.32, No.4Jul/Aug 2023

The Already

Vol.32, No.5Sep/Oct 2023

The Rule of Faith

Vol.32, No.6Nov/Dec 2023


Fundamentalism & American Evangelicalism

Vol.31, No.1Jan/Feb 2022

The Evangel

Vol.31, No.2Mar/Apr 2022

Evangelicals & the Bible

Vol.31, No.3May/Jun 2022

Who Says? Solving Doctrinal Controversy

Vol.31, No.4Jul/Aug 2022

God's Two Books

Vol.31, No.5Sep/Oct 2022

The Unity of Faith

Vol.31, No.6Nov/Dec 2022


Literature and the Christian Life

Vol.30, No.1Jan/Feb 2021

Human Nature

Vol.30, No.2Mar/Apr 2021

Beauty, Goodness, and Art

Vol.30, No.3May/Jun 2021

The Theological Mind

Vol.30, No.4Jul/Aug 2021

Church & Community in a Fragmented World

Vol.30, No.5Sep/Oct 2021

Earthly Power and the Christian

Vol.30, No.6Nov/Dec 2021


The Myth of Secularism

Vol.29, No.1Jan/Feb 2020

Being Modern

Vol.29, No.2Mar/Apr 2020

Redeeming Justice

Vol.29, No.3May/Jun 2020

Sacred Scripture

Vol.29, No.4Jul/Aug 2020

Giving Discretion to the Youth

Vol.29, No.5Sep/Oct 2020

Is Your Christianity Too Small?

Vol.29, No.6Nov/Dec 2020


Gospel of John: History or Fan Fiction?

Vol.28, No.1Jan/Feb 2019

The Ministry of Jesus

Vol.28, No.2Mar/Apr 2019

Jesus: The Great I Am

Vol.28, No.3May/Jun 2019

Jesus, Our High Priest

Vol.28, No.4Jul/Aug 2019

Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted

Vol.28, No.5Sep/Oct 2019

Life in His Name

Vol.28, No.6Nov/Dec 2019


Eastern Orthodoxy

Vol.27, No.1Jan/Feb 2018

The Crucifixion

Vol.27, No.2Mar/Apr 2018

The Holy Spirit

Vol.27, No.3May/Jun 2018

The Summer Reading Issue

Vol.27, No.4Jul/Aug 2018

All the Feels: The Bible and Emotions

Vol.27, No.5Sep/Oct 2018


Vol.27, No.6Nov/Dec 2018


Finding Yourself in God's Story

Vol.26, No.1Jan/Feb 2017

Born Bad?

Vol.26, No.2Mar/Apr 2017

Creed or Chaos?

Vol.26, No.3May/Jun 2017

True Faith

Vol.26, No.4Jul/Aug 2017

Reformation 500

Vol.26, No.5Sep/Oct 2017

Pilgrim's Problems

Vol.26, No.6Nov/Dec 2017


The Story of God's People

Vol.25, No.1Jan/Feb 2016

The Resurrection

Vol.25, No.2Mar/Apr 2016

The Ascension

Vol.25, No.3May/Jun 2016

The Great Exchange

Vol.25, No.4Jul/Aug 2016


Vol.25, No.5Sep/Oct 2016

The Incarnation

Vol.25, No.6Nov/Dec 2016


The Book of Hebrews

Vol.24, No.1Jan/Feb 2015

Signs & Wonders

Vol.24, No.2Mar/Apr 2015

Is Water Thicker than Blood?

Vol.24, No.3May/Jun 2015

The Garden of God

Vol.24, No.4Jul/Aug 2015

Who Am I?

Vol.24, No.5Sep/Oct 2015

Who Is Jesus?

Vol.24, No.6Nov/Dec 2015


Holy War?

Vol.23, No.1Jan/Feb 2014


Vol.23, No.2Mar/Apr 2014

Keeping Our Kids

Vol.23, No.3May/Jun 2014

Faith and Mental Illness

Vol.23, No.4Jul/Aug 2014

Feasting with Christ

Vol.23, No.5Sep/Oct 2014

The Trinity Issue

Vol.23, No.6Nov/Dec 2014


Is the Reformation Over

Vol.22, No.1Jan/Feb 2013

The Next Big Thing

Vol.22, No.2Mar/Apr 2013

Wired & Tired

Vol.22, No.3May/Jun 2013

Spiritual (Re)formation

Vol.22, No.4Jul/Aug 2013

Secularizing Religion

Vol.22, No.5Sep/Oct 2013

How To Read The Bible: Reading With the Lights On

Vol.22, No.6Nov/Dec 2013


Choosing Grace

Vol.21, No.1Jan/Feb 2012

Exit Interviews

Vol.21, No.2Mar/Apr 2012

No Girls Allowed

Vol.21, No.3May/Jun 2012

The Cross and the Crescent

Vol.21, No.4Jul/Aug 2012

Conversations for a Modern Reformation

Vol.21, No.5Sep/Oct 2012

Soli Deo Gloria

Vol.21, No.6Nov/Dec 2012


The Great Announcement

Vol.20, No.1Jan/Feb 2011

For You, Your Children... and All Who Are Far Off

Vol.20, No.2Mar/Apr 2011

Embassy of Grace

Vol.20, No.3May/Jun 2011

Word and Sacrament: Making Disciples of All Nations

Vol.20, No.4Jul/Aug 2011

Social Justice: Social Gospel?

Vol.20, No.5Sep/Oct 2011

The Great Assurance

Vol.20, No.6Nov/Dec 2011


Recovering Scripture

Vol.19, No.1Jan/Feb 2010

Inspiration and Inerrancy

Vol.19, No.2Mar/Apr 2010

Canon Formation

Vol.19, No.3May/Jun 2010

Interpreting Scripture

Vol.19, No.4Jul/Aug 2010

Rightly Dividing the Word

Vol.19, No.5Sep/Oct 2010

Sola Scriptura

Vol.19, No.6Nov/Dec 2010


Christ in a Post-Christian Culture

Vol.18, No.1Jan/Feb 2009

The Imitation of Christ

Vol.18, No.2Mar/Apr 2009

Jesus Among other Christs

Vol.18, No.3May/Jun 2009

A Feast in a Fast-Food World

Vol.18, No.4Jul/Aug 2009

Discipleship: Wisdom for Pilgrims' Progress

Vol.18, No.5Sep/Oct 2009


Vol.18, No.6Nov/Dec 2009

Calvin at 500: Does He Still Matter?

Vol.18, No.7Jun/Jul 2009


Grace Over Race

Vol.17, No.1Jan/Feb 2008

The New Atheism

Vol.17, No.2Mar/Apr 2008

The New Spiritualities

Vol.17, No.3May/Jun 2008

No Church, No Problem?

Vol.17, No.4Jul/Aug 2008

Beyond Nostalgia: The Risk of Orthodoxy

Vol.17, No.5Sep/Oct 2008

Evangelicalism's Winter?

Vol.17, No.6Nov/Dec 2008


A Time for Truth: 15th Anniversary Issue

Vol.16, No.1Jan/Feb 2007

Gods Unto Ourselves

Vol.16, No.2Mar/Apr 2007

Christless Christianity

Vol.16, No.3May/Jun 2007

Grace: How Strange the Sound

Vol.16, No.4Jul/Aug 2007

The Art of Self-Justification

Vol.16, No.5Sep/Oct 2007

Using God

Vol.16, No.6Nov/Dec 2007


The Romans Revolution

Vol.15, No.1Jan/Feb 2006

Does God believe in Atheists?

Vol.15, No.2Mar/Apr 2006

What Does it Mean to be Good?

Vol.15, No.3May/Jun 2006

The Peace that Starts the War

Vol.15, No.4Jul/Aug 2006

Has God Failed?

Vol.15, No.5Sep/Oct 2006

In View Of God's Mercies

Vol.15, No.6Nov/Dec 2006


The Blue Note: Can Your Faith Face The Music?

Vol.14, No.1Jan/Feb 2005

Around the Block, Around the World: Evangelism and Missions

Vol.14, No.2Mar/Apr 2005

Why Dads Make a Difference

Vol.14, No.3May/Jun 2005

Faith A La Carte? The Emergent Church

Vol.14, No.4Jul/Aug 2005

Shall We Still Protest

Vol.14, No.5Sep/Oct 2005

The Promise-Driven Life

Vol.14, No.6Nov/Dec 2005


My Place in His World: Decision Making and the Will of God

Vol.13, No.1Jan/Feb 2004

Forgiven, Forgiving

Vol.13, No.2Mar/Apr 2004

A Good Church is Hard to Find

Vol.13, No.3May/Jun 2004

Covenant Confusion

Vol.13, No.4Jul/Aug 2004

The Christian Voters Guide

Vol.13, No.5Sep/Oct 2004

Peace on Earth

Vol.13, No.6Nov/Dec 2004


Connecting the Dots: Why Systematic Theology Matters

Vol.12, No.1Jan/Feb 2003

We Believe in One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

Vol.12, No.2Mar/Apr 2003

Good News: The Gospel for Christians

Vol.12, No.3May/Jun 2003

Reaching Out In Our Time

Vol.12, No.4Jul/Aug 2003

The Heart of the Gospel: Paul's Message Of Grace in Galatians

Vol.12, No.5Sep/Oct 2003

Trinity: God in Three Persons

Vol.12, No.6Nov/Dec 2003


Modern Reformation Turns Ten

Vol.11, No.1Jan/Feb 2002

Right With God: Why Justification Still Matters

Vol.11, No.2Mar/Apr 2002

Hell: Putting the Fire Out?

Vol.11, No.3May/Jun 2002

Growing in Grace: A Defense of Piety

Vol.11, No.4Jul/Aug 2002

This is My Father's World

Vol.11, No.5Sep/Oct 2002

Lift Up Your Voice

Vol.11, No.6Nov/Dec 2002


Train Up a Child: Becoming People of the Word in a Culture of Images

Vol.10, No.1Jan/Feb 2001

Evangelicalism(TM) Who Owns It?

Vol.10, No.2Mar/Apr 2001

Our Debt to Heresy: Mapping Boundaries

Vol.10, No.3May/Jun 2001

Living in Exile: Tourists, Seekers, & Pilgrims

Vol.10, No.4Jul/Aug 2001

Prophecy and the Meaning of History: Why Word and Spirit Matter

Vol.10, No.5Sep/Oct 2001

Sex in the Christian Life

Vol.10, No.6Nov/Dec 2001


Wish List for the 21st Century

Vol.9, No.1Jan/Feb 2000

Christian Liberty: Getting Beyond Legalism and License

Vol.9, No.2Mar/Apr 2000

The Malling of Mission: How Suburban Values Control the Church Growth Movement

Vol.9, No.3May/Jun 2000

Through One Man Sin, Through One Man Righteousness

Vol.9, No.4Jul/Aug 2000

Why Two Kingdoms?: Dual Citizenship On the Eve of the Election

Vol.9, No.5Sep/Oct 2000

That Word Above All Earthly Powers: Preaching

Vol.9, No.6Nov/Dec 2000


So What are We Waiting for: Christ's Return or Our Escape?

Vol.8, No.1Jan/Feb 1999

A Vale of Tears: Suffering as a Mark of This Age

Vol.8, No.2Mar/Apr 1999

By the Sweat of Our Brow

Vol.8, No.3May/Jun 1999

Hermeneutics: Has God Really Said?

Vol.8, No.4Jul/Aug 1999

God in Our Image: Why Some Evangelicals Are Challenging the Traditional View of God

Vol.8, No.5Sep/Oct 1999

Assemble My People: The Worship Event

Vol.8, No.6Nov/Dec 1999


Taking Every Thought Captive to the Obedience of Christ: Approaches in Apologetics

Vol.7, No.1Jan/Feb 1998

Exploring Mars Hill: Common Ground in Apologetics

Vol.7, No.2Mar/Apr 1998

Why Does Matter Matter?

Vol.7, No.3May/Jun 1998

Come Holy Spirit

Vol.7, No.4Jul/Aug 1998

Unity in the Truth: Ecumenism Without Compromise

Vol.7, No.5Sep/Oct 1998

Predestination and the Freedom of God

Vol.7, No.6Nov/Dec 1998


The Effects of Popular Culture on Religion

Vol.6, No.1Jan/Feb 1997

Finding the Keys: Liberating the Ministry from Trivial Pursuits

Vol.6, No.2Mar/Apr 1997

How Do We Receive Christ: God's Sacraments or Ours?

Vol.6, No.3May/Jun 1997

Eternal Victim Slain: The Theology of the Cross and the Crisis of Modern Consciousness

Vol.6, No.4Jul/Aug 1997

Has Evangelicalism Lost Its Voice?: The Movement and Its Media

Vol.6, No.5Sep/Oct 1997

Naked and Ashamed: Does anyone feel guilty anymore?

Vol.6, No.6Nov/Dec 1997


Pardon & Praise: Worship Calmly Considered

Vol.5, No.1Jan/Feb 1996

Saved from God by God

Vol.5, No.2Mar/Apr 1996


Vol.5, No.3May/Jun 1996

When the Salt Loses its savor

Vol.5, No.4Jul/Aug 1996

Polemics: A Defense of Defending

Vol.5, No.5Sep/Oct 1996

Pilgrim's Progress: The Life of a Justified Sinner

Vol.5, No.6Nov/Dec 1996


Life Under the Big Top: When Evangelism Undermines the Evangel

Vol.4, No.1Jan/Feb 1995

Are Family Values Enough?

Vol.4, No.2Mar/Apr 1995

Evangelism: To the Ends of the Earth, Till the End of the Age

Vol.4, No.3May/Jun 1995


Vol.4, No.4Jul/Aug 1995

Our Time: The Opportunities of a Postmodern Culture

Vol.4, No.5Sep/Oct 1995

O Come Let Us Adore Him: The Person and Work of Christ

Vol.4, No.6Nov/Dec 1995



Vol.3, No.1Jan/Feb 1994

The Reformation Then & Now

Vol.3, No.2Mar/Apr 1994


Vol.3, No.3May/Jun 1994

Wanted: Thinking Christians

Vol.3, No.4Jul/Aug 1994

God and Politics

Vol.3, No.5Sep/Oct 1994

The Word Became Flesh

Vol.3, No.6Nov/Dec 1994


The Megashift

Vol.2, No.1Jan/Feb 1993

Preaching Christ

Vol.2, No.2Mar/Apr 1993

Beyond Culture Wars

Vol.2, No.3May/Jun 1993

The Lord's Prayer

Vol.2, No.4Jul/Aug 1993

The Chief End of Man

Vol.2, No.5Sep/Oct 1993

The Church

Vol.2, No.6Nov/Dec 1993


Understanding the Conversion

Vol.1, No.1Jan/Feb 1992

Christ and Culture

Vol.1, No.2Mar/Apr 1992


Vol.1, No.3May/Jun 1992

How Pro-Life Are You?

Vol.1, No.4Jul/Aug 1992

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Vol.1, No.5Sep/Oct 1992

God Justifies the Wicked

Vol.1, No.6Nov/Dec 1992

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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