Our Time: The Opportunities of a Postmodern Culture

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Modernity built the tower’now postmodernity must face the challenge of condemning the unsafe structure. Our Time is the epithet David Wells attaches to modernity and its postmodern successor. Princeton philosopher Diogenes Allen declared, "A massive intellectual revolution is taking place that is perhaps as great as that which marked off the modern world from the […]

Michael S. Horton
Saturday, September 2nd 1995

We are living, I believe, in a unique cultural moment. Every generation, I know, imagines that it is unique. And most generations, unfortunately, believe that their uniqueness lies in their superiority over all that lies in the past. Mark Twain once observed that when he was a boy he was embarrassed because of his father, […]

David F. Wells
Monday, August 13th 2007

We are living in a time in which to be modern is to be out of date. As the twentieth century limps to a close, exhausted and disillusioned, and as we begin to enter the third millennium, a new worldview is emerging. We can see it in academia and in public opinion polls, in our […]

Gene Edward Veith
Monday, August 13th 2007

No individual who lived at the end of the nineteenth century had a choice about whether or not he would enter the twentieth on January 1, 1901. Every mortal entered the new century on the same day, like it or not. Things are far different when one speaks of epochs of civilization; there we have […]

Rick Ritchie
Monday, August 13th 2007

Dr. Thomas Oden, formerly a liberal theologian, came to classical Christianity by reading the ancient church fathers, particularly the Eastern divines. Now, he is one of the leading theologians of a growing movement for “postmodern orthodoxy.” Professor of Theology and Ethics at Drew University in Madison, NJ, Dr. Oden is the author of such outstanding […]

Thomas Oden
Monday, August 13th 2007

Culture wars have set cultural conservatives against cultural liberals, those who support "Judeo-Christian" principles against "secular humanists." However, as these articles have attempted to show, the convulsions are much deeper beneath the crust of politics, morality and entertainment. By ignoring these deeper issues, the tectonic plates beneath our civilization continue to shift while we chase […]

Michael S. Horton
Monday, August 13th 2007

MR: In Amusing Ourselves to Death, you have a chapter on the influence of entertainment on religion. Do you think that modernity comes to us in stealth-like fashion, and sometimes Christians and other groups can be naive in viewing style as neutral?Postman: I certainly think that it is a mistake to believe that style is […]

Neil Postman
Friday, August 31st 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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