Finding the Keys: Liberating the Ministry from Trivial Pursuits

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Although he "went forward" to receive Christ only a month ago, Bob, who recently ended his NFL career, has just informed his discipleship group that he is called to the ministry. In fact, next week he will be teaming up with a businessman who has also decided that he is called to the ministry. Together, […]

Michael S. Horton
Sunday, March 2nd 1997

How would you rate the work of your church? A ministry scorecard might include the following categories: if your church has a children's ministry give it 2 points; a welcome team ministry, 1 point; a tapeministry, 1 point (but if a tape and book ministry, 2 points). A couples' ministry should be worth 2 points […]

D. G. Hart
Monday, August 6th 2007

Fifteen years ago the sign in the front of the Oneida Baptist Church caught my attention. It read: "Pastor, Fred Russell; Ministers, The Entire Congregation." (1) "Aren't pastors ministers?" I mused. "Wait-if everyone is a minister, then, in effect, no one is a Minister," I concluded. My thoughts haven't changed. In the years since that […]

Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.
Monday, August 6th 2007

When I was in high school, I took a vocational survey designed to match a person's interests with possible occupations. This particular survey was designed by a more imaginative committee than most. Unlike other surveys which listed only conventional occupations, this one included exotic occupations in each field. Also, unlike most surveys, this one gave […]

Rick Ritchie
Monday, August 6th 2007

"Lacking confidence in the power of our story to effect that of which it speaks, to evoke a new people out of nothing, our communication loses its nerve. Nothing is said that could not be heard elsewhere, nobody need die and be raised to assimilate the speech of the Empire or its universities." Just to […]

Michael S. Horton
Monday, August 6th 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

Picture of J. Ligon Duncan, IIIJ. Ligon Duncan, IIISenior Minister, First Presbyterian Church
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