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In American society, the belief that a husband is called to provide for his wife is quickly becoming an ideal of the past. With the rise of the new feminism movement, women are throwing off the “shackles” of expecting their spouses to take care of them and are stepping into the role previously held by […]

Anthony English
Monday, August 6th 2018

There’s a word in American Christendom that strikes fear into the hearts of God’s people. It’s not ‘Islam,’ ‘liberalism,’ ‘socialism,’ or ‘atheism’ (although all those do create irrational fear in Western Christians). The most terrifying word in all of American Christendom is “evangelism.” If you doubt me, just ask a fellow believer when was the […]

Anthony English
Friday, April 29th 2022

Whatever we believe the Scriptures say about legitimate grounds for divorce, the assumption that marital dissolution should not be common among those who claim to follow Christ and Biblical teaching is reasonable. The pertinent passages recognized in the New Testament at most allow for divorce and remarriage only for egregious violations of the marital covenant […]

David J. Ayers
Monday, January 25th 2021

In December 1865, the Rev. Philipps Brooks travelled to the land of Israel. As he stood and overlooked the town of Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, Brooks was so moved by what he saw that he penned the words of the celebrated Christmas hymn, “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Writing home to his congregation about this […]

Nick Batzig
Wednesday, December 15th 2021

Isaiah lived with eyes set on God. This is clear from the opening words of his book: “The vision of Isaiah.” Vision is singular, which tells us that Isaiah is meant to be read as one unified whole. It is not a fragmentary account of Isaiah’s prophecies and life with a few historical narratives thrown in […]

Andrew Menkis
Wednesday, December 22nd 2021

Jerusalem is under attack. Israel, its sister kingdom to the north has already been exiled (722 BC), and now Judah faces the same fate. In 605, the third year of King Jehoiakim (ca. 609-597 BC), the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem and started the first of many deportations to Babylon (Daniel 1:1). Daniel and his […]

Levi Bakerink
Monday, December 20th 2021

There was a blizzard over Thanksgiving weekend this year. The snow fell throughout the day and by nightfall two feet of white covered the ground. Looking out, I saw amid the darkness clean, clear, pure white. The muck was obscured, the dirt invisible. All that I beheld was bright, driven snow; the light shining in […]

John Stovall
Friday, December 17th 2021

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16) What is the salvation that Paul has in mind in Romans 1:16 when he says, "For [the gospel] is the power of God […]

John Piper
Thursday, May 3rd 2007

Entertainment Weekly is not exactly an evangelical house-organ, and yet, like many secular periodicals these days, it seems to observe more truth than a number of evangelical magazines and journals. In its October 7, 1994, issue, Jeff Gordinier wrote, In a year when TV airwaves are aflutter with winged spirits, the bestseller lists are clogged […]

Michael S. Horton
Tuesday, August 14th 2007

Why was there a Reformation? What was the church like just before the Reformation took place? Why did the Reformation have to happen? By looking at these questions we can begin to gain some understanding of our own situation today. One of the reasons why the Reformation happened is that there was a rediscovery of […]

Alister McGrath
Friday, September 1st 2017

Nonconformity is all the rage. Our culture applauds rebellion against social norms and encourages boldly standing apart. Sometimes this nonconformity is minor. It looks like fuchsia hair, living in a tiny house, eating only fruit and veggies. Other times nonconformity is something more extreme. The most immediate example is gender nonconformity. Biologically sexed males and […]

Elisabeth Bloechl
Friday, February 19th 2021

An Unexpected Ministry I sit cross-legged on the floor in front of one of my cleaning clients. She looks younger than her eighty-five years as she bounces and tickles my son while teasing my daughter. The pictures of my children are on the shelf next to her own grandchildren. After a few more minutes of […]

Elisabeth Bloechl
Monday, April 18th 2022

I find Jordan Peterson’s philosophy of life to be like eating a garden salad for dinner. A salad is refreshing and healthy, I keep coming back for more, but ultimately it does not sate my hunger for long. I’ve consumed a fair bit of Jordan Peterson’s thought and found it, in many ways, to satisfy […]

Andrew Menkis
Monday, December 5th 2022

Beautiful. We hear the word so frequently that we give it little thought, applying it to everything from a Rembrandt masterpiece to a child’s first scribbles. Yet beauty is so profound that, alongside goodness and truth, it is widely regarded as one of the great transcendentals, and an entire branch of philosophy—aesthetics—is devoted to its […]

J. D. Dusenbury
Sunday, January 1st 2023

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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