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The early Christians, in spite of persecutions, were not hermits waiting in the corner to be caught away. In his Dialogue With Trypho the Jew, Justin carefully explained Christianity, trying to clear it of false impressions and charges. Instead of listing the Jewish persecutions of Christians (i.e., getting locked into a "culture war"), Justin has […]

Michael S. Horton
Friday, September 2nd 1994

We have all had similar conversations, the one with fellow believers where we agree with our friends about a particular matter of public policy but end up disagreeing quite strongly about specifics of Christian faith and practice. The frustrating thing about such encounters is the way Christians can passionately pursue specific legislative initiatives or rally […]

D. G. Hart
Thursday, August 16th 2007

Can Politics Save? Can politics save? Any professing Christian would answer with an emphatic no! But that’s only if the topic of conversation is the doctrine of salvation. However, when the subject turns to certain hot political issues, often, what sounded like absolute, unconditional doctrine is transformed into a political viewpoint. There seems to be […]

Ken Jones
Thursday, August 16th 2007

"And it shall come about when Pharaoh calls you and says, 'What is your occupation?' that you shall say, 'Your servants have been keepers of livestock from our youth even until now, both we and our fathers,' that you may live in the land of Goshen; for every shepherd is loathsome to the Egyptians." Gen. […]

Michael J. Glodo
Thursday, August 16th 2007

Although I fancy myself a language teacher, it seems that I am often the last to learn of changes in my own English language. A little over a year ago my teenager daughter bewildered me with her shouts about a friend, "Man, that girl has an attitude!" Naively, I said something like, "Of course she […]

Allen Mawhinney
Thursday, August 16th 2007

This panel discussion was organized for the news media by the Christian Bookseller’s Association, and took place in July of 1994, in Denver, Colorado. Panelists: William Bennett, Os Guinness, Michael S. Horton, Jim Wallis; Moderator: Cal Thomas Cal Thomas: Isn’t it amazing that about 15 years after the advent of the so-called “Christian Right” that […]

Thursday, August 16th 2007

The signs of cultural decline are everywhere: Family breakdown, violent crime, and government scandals flourish; MTV mindlessness shows no signs of abating. It is abundantly clear why folks around the country are deeply concerned about a culture apparently crashing down about their heads. Many Christians are jumping into the project of repairing culture with both […]

Dan Bryant
Thursday, August 16th 2007

PROPOSITION ONE AMERICA, AND INDEED THE ENTIRE WORLD, IS IN THE MIDST OF MOMENTOUS CHANGE, and I don’t mean that as a political slogan. It is change we must understand, because it will profoundly affect America’s prospects for renewal. In addition to being at the end of a century and a millennium, the entire West […]

Don E. Eberly
Thursday, August 16th 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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