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Advent and Christmastide beckon Christians to reflect on the first coming of Christ as we long for his return. We are situated in the time between, with a new life and reality defined by the events of Bethlehem and Golgotha and in anticipation of Christ’s parousia. As we think of Christ’s Incarnation in this time […]

KJ Drake
Friday, December 23rd 2022

I still remember my first experience in a Pentecostal worship service. Growing up in a ‘frozen chosen’ Dutch Reformed church, it was quite the culture shock. I was a Calvinist in exile at a Pentecostal university (a long story). As the music started to grow loud, the lights grew dim, and voices were raised along […]

Levi Bakerink
Monday, December 19th 2022

The battle of ideas is over. We no longer live in an age of reason but an age of narratives. The battle of stories is just beginning. While the church wrestles with the ship’s wheel and tries to navigate this new current, we need faithful pastors to give us our bearings. David Murray proves an […]

Stephen Roberts
Wednesday, December 14th 2022

The Reality of Idolatry Since Adam, all humans are idolators. We all perpetually break the first commandment by loving creation more than the Creator. As Calvin famously said, “the human heart is a perpetual idol factory” (Institutes I.11.8). In some cultures, this looks like offering sacrifices to man-made statues (e.g., Hindu-influenced India). In other cultures, […]

Elisabeth Bloechl
Friday, December 9th 2022

I find Jordan Peterson’s philosophy of life to be like eating a garden salad for dinner. A salad is refreshing and healthy, I keep coming back for more, but ultimately it does not sate my hunger for long. I’ve consumed a fair bit of Jordan Peterson’s thought and found it, in many ways, to satisfy […]

Andrew Menkis
Monday, December 5th 2022

“Who knows what true loneliness is?” Joseph Conrad famously said. “Not the conventional word but the naked terror? To the lonely themselves it wears a mask.”[1] At first sight, loneliness seems easy to define. During the pandemic, a wave of concerns arose on behalf of people who suddenly found themselves isolated, especially the elderly and […]

Simonetta Carr
Wednesday, November 30th 2022

While ministry burnout is nothing new, the past few years of pandemic and political turmoil have exacerbated burnout to alarming levels. Both pastors and lay leaders are exhausted from leading confused congregations through the crucible of the past few years. Tired, tattered, and torn, there is a great temptation to step away from the heavy […]

Aimee Joseph
Monday, November 21st 2022

In 1533, Philip Melanchthon gave a speech entitled “On the Miseries of Teachers.” Melanchthon, a Reformer well-versed in educational philosophy and honored by his contemporaries with the title of “Praeceptor Germaniae” (the Teacher of Germany), bemoaned the attitude of students: “they insult us, they wrinkle their noses, they make faces behind our backs when we […]

Joshua Pauling
Wednesday, November 16th 2022

Gregory of Nazianzus (c. 330–390), one of the most celebrated theologians of the early church, really didn’t want to be a preacher. In fact, after being ordained against his will at Epiphany 362, he couldn’t get away fast enough. Naturally, by the time he made his way back to Nazianzus a few months later, his […]

Sarah White
Friday, November 11th 2022

Asking how theologians and biblical scholars relate has become like asking what Athens has to do with Jerusalem. A Nehemiah-like wall has been constructed between the disciplines of theology and exegesis, to which come R.B. Jamieson and Tyler Wittman, declaring in Biblical Reasoning: Christological and Trinitarian Rules for Exegesis, “tear down this wall!” While distinctions […]

Andrew J. Miller
Monday, November 7th 2022

We are happy to announce that MR will be carried forward by a new executive editor, Dr. Brannon Ellis.

Eric Landry
Brannon Ellis
Tuesday, November 1st 2022

*** IVP | 2021 | 232 pages (hardcover) | $22.00 Lately, the use of apologetics has fallen on rough times. To be sure, classical, empiricist, and presuppositionalist apologetics are still useful schools of thought and their arguments are no less important. But those who are ready and able to wax eloquently about them, the ones […]

Caleb Wait
Alan Noble
Tuesday, November 1st 2022

*** 1517 Publishing | 2021 | 224 pages (paperback) | $21.85 Magnus Persson, a successful pastor in the charismatic church for many years, is now a minister in the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church. How did that happen? In Reclaiming the Reformation, Persson answers that question en route to offering a larger call to reformational Christianity. […]

Joshua Pauling
Magnus Persson
Tuesday, November 1st 2022

*** Baylor University Press | 2021 | 253 pages (hardcover) | $44.99 James K. A. Smith’s readership has surged in recent years through accessible books, such as You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit (Brazos Press, 2016). You Are What You Love argues persuasively for Christian discipleship focused on habits, virtues, and […]

Andrew J. Miller
James K.A. Smith
Tuesday, November 1st 2022

High here on Hawk’s Nest,
No hawks fly tonight;
Songbirds heading south or west or east […]

Larry Woiwode
Tuesday, November 1st 2022

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

Picture of J. Ligon Duncan, IIIJ. Ligon Duncan, IIISenior Minister, First Presbyterian Church
Magazine Covers; Embodiment & Technology

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

Picture of J. Ligon Duncan, IIIJ. Ligon Duncan, IIISenior Minister, First Presbyterian Church
Magazine Covers; Embodiment & Technology