Aimee Joseph

Aimee Joseph has spent many years directing women’s discipleship and ministry at Redeemer Presbyterian Church and in Campus Outreach San Diego. She is the wife to G’Joe who has recently planted Center City Church, and mother to three growing boys. Her first book, Demystifying Decision Making released with Crossway in January 2022. You can read more of her writing at
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If I am honest, I have always thought of the Ascension of Christ kind of like the cherry on the sundae—that is, the few times I have spent time thinking about Christ's ascending from earth back to the Father. In church circles, we spend most of our time talking about the death of Christ. [...]

Aimee Joseph
Thursday, May 9th 2024

Six months into our church plant, a visiting friend asked if we had someone playing the role of church historian. At the time, I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes or laugh. First of all, I didn’t know what a church historian even did. I honestly thought it reminded me of middle […]

Aimee Joseph
Monday, August 21st 2023

Some fears are common to humanity: rattlesnakes, heights, spiders, and such. As a committed Christ-follower, at the top of my list, I would add an unexpected word: mediocrity. Lukewarm. The word shakes my soul. The fierce words of warning written to the Laodiceans give me great pause and cause a godly consternation at the concept […]

Aimee Joseph
Monday, June 12th 2023

Long before Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, C. S. Lewis understood where cancel culture led. In The Great Divorce, his fictional depiction of heaven and hell, Lewis paints a picture of serial conflict that leads to further and further isolation in the cities of hell. Lewis had no way of knowing how accurate his description would be […]

Aimee Joseph
Wednesday, February 1st 2023

While ministry burnout is nothing new, the past few years of pandemic and political turmoil have exacerbated burnout to alarming levels. Both pastors and lay leaders are exhausted from leading confused congregations through the crucible of the past few years. Tired, tattered, and torn, there is a great temptation to step away from the heavy […]

Aimee Joseph
Monday, November 21st 2022

Curiosity might kill the cat, but a lack of curiosity can kill the soul. As humans, we are well-wired as God’s image-bearers for learning and passing on knowledge in a way that is unique among all other created beings on earth. God fashioned us to wonder because we were created to glorify a God full […]

Aimee Joseph
Wednesday, September 28th 2022

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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