An Extended Interview with Phil Cary: Resting in the Already as We Await the Not Yet

Phillip Cary
Brannon Ellis
Monday, August 7th 2023
Extended Audio Version

Modern Reformation Magazine · An Extended Interview With Phil Cary From Our Issue On The Already

Dr. Phillip Cary is professor of philosophy and chair of his department at Eastern University. He’s author of Good News for Anxious Christians (Brazos, 2022) and The Nicene Creed (Lexham, 2023).

This is an extended version of our executive editor Brannon Ellis’s interview with Dr. Cary, “Resting in the Already as We Await the Not Yet,” from the September/October 2023 issue of Modern Reformation on the theme of “The Already.”

Photo of Brannon Ellis
Brannon Ellis
Brannon Ellis is the executive editor of Modern Reformation.
Monday, August 7th 2023

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