Martin Luther called the Lord’s Prayer “the greatest martyr on earth. For everyone tortures and abuses it; few joyfully use it correctly for comfort." In Praying with Jesus: Getting to the Heart of the Lord’s Prayer, pastor and Core Christianity radio host Adriel Sanchez seeks to rescue the beleaguered prayer by showing Christians how to find “not only the gospel, but the entirety of heavenly doctrine” in its petitions (2). [...]

Sarah White
Friday, June 7th 2024

The literal meaning of enthusiasmos in Greek is “god-within-ism.” According to the ancients, the highest state of the soul’s enlightenment lies beyond sense experience and even reason. This achievement of unspoken union with the divine within is called gnosis, unmediated knowledge. [...]

Michael S. Horton
Friday, May 31st 2024

Were the world of my own making,
could my will enact its voice,
I should surely sculpt a chaos,
pain parading as a choice. [...]

Alex Brouwer
Friday, May 31st 2024

In our essay in this issue (see “The Framing of a Movement” on page 32), we provided a broad framework for identifying and evaluating the New Apostolic Reformation. The following resources will be helpful if you desire to learn more about how the movement understands itself and how to understand it from a truly biblical perspective. [...]

Evan P. Pietsch
R. Vivian Pietsch
Friday, May 31st 2024
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“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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