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In the 2012 film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, based on a novel by Stephen Chbosky, a high school first-year student named Charlie grapples with the suffering of those around him [...]

Joey Jekel
Alan Noble
Friday, September 1st 2023

The last few years have seen a global pandemic, civil unrest, and increased political division. These miasmas of polarization, alienation, and apathy have been accompanied by stranger trends […]

Caleb Wait
Saturday, July 1st 2023

I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother,” David remarks in that little and profoundly deep Psalm 131. Quietude, calm, collected, consistent—these are not buzzwords in our culture. And over the past couple of months they have faded from our language almost entirely. It is interesting that in Psalm 131 […]

Joshua Schendel
Wednesday, July 1st 2020

Life is complex. In our fast-moving world, we gravitate toward simple answers, clear definitions, and well-defined categories. At first glance, sin seems to fall into this classification. It’s an offense against God, and through Christ it is confessed and forgiven. But when it comes to mental illness, we lose many of our bearings, whether we […]

Simonetta Carr
Wednesday, January 1st 2020

We are drawn to extremes, because they help us categorize the world around us. We like things that are black and white, right or wrong, good or bad. Categorizing saves us the time and exhausting efforts of trying to understand what is beyond our comprehension. Mental illness, especially in its most serious forms, jolts us […]

Simonetta Carr
Friday, November 1st 2019

Fear drives us more than we’d like to admit, and we’re drawn to it in a macabre sort of way—in horror stories, action movies, even news updates. Making up with hype what they lack in data and logic, pundits bully the public into agreeing with them through scare tactics and rhetoric. What would you list […]

Michael S. Horton
Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

Plane rides are my worst fear (though my husband tells me all my fears are my "worst fear"). What can I say? I blame my parents for making me feel relatively safe and secure for so many years. They were slow and sneaky, forcing me to grow up one shoe size at a time. The […]

Jess Ferrell
Monday, February 29th 2016

There are quite a few things in the world today that cause Christians to worry. For example, anxiety levels grow when we think about problems concerning health, finances, political issues, and family hardships. In Mindscape, Timothy Witmer tackles the issue of worry with practical and comforting truths from Scripture. Witmer explains and applies core truths […]

Shane Lems
Timothy Z. Witmer
Friday, May 1st 2015

Like the author Kevin DeYoung, I find that I take a sort of perverse pride in being "crazy busy," so I suppose a book like this is especially appropriate for people like me who need to be shaken out of such an unhealthy way of thinking. As I read through the book, however, two friends […]

Eric Landry
Kevin DeYoung
Thursday, October 31st 2013

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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