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Online worship. Zoom church. Streaming services on Facebook Live (if you can get it to actually work). We’re all used to this strange new world by now. But it can get stranger […]

Joshua Pauling
Saturday, July 1st 2023

A crushed spirit dries up the bones. (Prov. 17:22) He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree. (1 Pet. 2:24) Technology’s triumph over space, its power to entertain and distract, its promise of enabling us to construct not only our own virtual identities but our own realities […]

J. D. Dusenbury
Saturday, July 1st 2023

If there were a silver lining to the dark cloud of the recent COVID-19 restrictions, it would be that we were compelled to think about our bodies: what to put on them, what to put in them, how proximate to other bodies to place them. […]

T. David Gordon
Saturday, July 1st 2023

An interview with Jens Zimmermann, the J. I. Packer Professor of Theology and director of the Houston Centre for Humanity and the Common Good at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. [...]

Jens Zimmermann
Brannon Ellis
Saturday, July 1st 2023

*** Brazos Press | 2022 | 272 pages (hardcover) | $24.99 Today the “supply chain” is often a topic of daily radio programming, a reminder of our human interdependence. Despite constant clues of our dependence on others for the food we eat, the buildings we inhabit, the cars we drive, and the infrastructure of our […]

Andrew J. Miller
Wednesday, March 1st 2023

Modern Reformation’s executive editor, Joshua Schendel, recently interviewed Dr. Gregg R. Allison regarding his latest book Embodied: Living as Whole People in a Fragmented World (Baker, 2021). Dr. Allison (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is a professor of Christian theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Allison is also the secretary […]

Gregg R. Allison
Joshua Schendel
Wednesday, September 1st 2021

The politics of transgenderism is removing the veil that has long obscured gender dysphoria and intersexuality from the serious thoughts of most Christians. Very few Christians have any real understanding of what gender dysphoria and intersexuality even are, let alone their cause or the trauma and isolation endured by individuals experiencing them. The church’s temptation […]

Matthew J. Tuininga
Mark A. Yarhouse
Wednesday, March 1st 2017

In the incarnation, we encounter the mystery J. I. Packer writes about in his classic book Knowing God, when he says that this was “the great act of condescension and self-humbling.” God the Son, coequal and coeternal with the Father, submits to the limits of flesh as Mary’s baby boy—and to his young mother, he must […]

Nana Dolce
Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

For the past year, each issue of Modern Reformation has followed the theme, “The Story of God’s People.” We began by retelling the stories of key characters in the Old Testament, showing how their individual stories pointed forward to the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. Then we explored key moments in the life […]

Eric Landry
Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!” This cry will rise from many churches this Easter season as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. On the third day, the grave in which they laid his body was empty. His body had not been stolen’the posting of Roman soldiers and […]

James Douthwaite
Monday, February 29th 2016

Can you hear color? Can you taste sound? The neurological phenomenon known as “synesthesia” refers to the connection between the stimulation of one sensory organ and the experience of that stimulation by another organ. Even though most of us usually think of our senses as operating independently of one another, we have also all had […]

Garrett Soucy
Saturday, February 28th 2015

Status symbols have changed. Where once a warmly paneled room with wainscoting, high leatherback chairs, and a library replete with vast numbers of books may have been the central feature of a dream home’s architectural plans, now it is sterile geometric spaces sparsely punctuated with technological fixtures: wall-mounted flat screen, multipurpose remote, and an iPad […]

John J. Bombaro
Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow joins the chorus of colleagues, as well as sociologists and historians, in a recent online article. The gist: "We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists." He refers to new surveys collected by Dr. Jean Twenge, a psychology professor. Today's college students "are more likely than ever to call themselves gifted and […]

Michael S. Horton
Wednesday, May 1st 2013

The following is a transcription of a lecture Ken Myers gave at someone's home—over dinner no doubt! For most of my adult life, I've been involved one way or another in trying to understand contemporary culture from within a Christian worldview. I've been interested in asking, "What in our culture makes the gospel foolishness?" In […]

Kenneth A. Myers
Monday, July 13th 2009

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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