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Oxford University Press | 2022 | 288 pages (hardcover) | $100.00 When I first noticed the publication of Dissenting Daughters: Reformed Women in the Dutch Republic, 1572–1725, I was curious to read it. It revealed, the description said, the vital contribution made by devout women “to the spread and practice of the Reformed faith […]

Simonetta Carr
Wednesday, March 1st 2023

May/June 2022 I really admire Kendra Dahl’s work, “Restoring Eve,” in the May/June issue. It is a solid effort, but I think it illustrates the problem of putting too much weight on philological exegesis. Maybe we should instead “read the Scriptures like the church fathers”? More time is spent on the philological arguments than is […]

Dan Johnson
Kendra Dahl
Thursday, September 1st 2022

Some of my earliest impressions of Eve were shaped by C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In the world of Narnia, to be a “daughter of Eve” is simply to be human—not centaur or dwarf, fawn or talking animal. But to descend from Eve is also to have a royal destiny, […]

Kendra Dahl
Monday, May 2nd 2022

As, therefore, the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God, it follows that we cannot be wise in the sight of God, unless we are fools in the view of the world. —John Calvin [1] What does it mean to be human? What sets us apart from the rest of creation? Philosophers and theologians […]

Rachel Green Miller
Monday, March 1st 2021

The Matrix is everywhere. It’s all around us. Even now in this very room. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth that you are a slave—born […]

Aimee Byrd
Donna Zuckerberg
Friday, March 1st 2019

In my final year of college, as my master’s program and wedding approached, The New Yorker magazine came to me. It included a Bob Mankoff cartoon in which an affable lady editor sat at her desk across from a scruffy dude wearing a toga suggestive of Mesopotamia. A manuscript lay between them, and the caption […]

Rebekah Curtis
Friday, March 1st 2019

If someone had asked me what my highest ambition was as a twenty-year-old, I would have said, “To be a wife and mother.” I had it all planned out—I was going to be a flawless, well-heeled, stay-at-home mom of six who ran errands in my immaculate SUV, prepared glorious dinners, and enjoyed fancy date nights […]

Brooke Ventura
Sunday, July 1st 2018

As the father of three boys and a girl, I’m aware of how different it is growing up today in terms of gender roles. When I hit puberty during the feminist revolution of the seventies, it was tough enough. Raised to open the door for a lady, I discovered that (at least in L.A.) this […]

Michael S. Horton
Wednesday, November 1st 2017

The politics of transgenderism is removing the veil that has long obscured gender dysphoria and intersexuality from the serious thoughts of most Christians. Very few Christians have any real understanding of what gender dysphoria and intersexuality even are, let alone their cause or the trauma and isolation endured by individuals experiencing them. The church’s temptation […]

Matthew J. Tuininga
Mark A. Yarhouse
Wednesday, March 1st 2017

In The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them, Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock attempt to lay out a biblical understanding of male and female relationships. The authors strive to promote a vision for the sexes where men are dignified gentlemen and women are ladies to be honored and respected. Opposing egalitarianism, feminism, gay, […]

Silverio Gonzalez
Owen Strachan
Sunday, January 1st 2017

To be honest, as a Christian woman I don’t read Christian books intended for Christian women. I find them to be (often) legalistic in approach to womanhood: focusing on the function of my womanhood (typically translated in terms of mother and a wife) rather than looking at me as a whole person. Surely I am […]

Lauren R. E. Larkin
Katelyn Beaty
Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

Plane rides are my worst fear (though my husband tells me all my fears are my "worst fear"). What can I say? I blame my parents for making me feel relatively safe and secure for so many years. They were slow and sneaky, forcing me to grow up one shoe size at a time. The […]

Jess Ferrell
Monday, February 29th 2016

There is a distinctly ‘American Religion’ that transcends creeds and denominational labels, crossing the conservative and liberal divide. It is an American version of the Gnostic heresy, as demonstrated by many noted sociologists of religion, and especially Harold Bloom’s The American Religion: The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation (Simon & Schuster, 1992). Olympic gold-medalist Bruce […]

Michael S. Horton
Monday, August 31st 2015

I get it. I'm trying to be the spiritual leader in a home with six sinners who trust in Christ, repent of their sins, and look for something beyond this present age as our hope. God calls me and my wife to do our parts. I am all ears when brothers (yes, usually brothers) encourage […]

Michael S. Horton
Friday, May 1st 2015

A few years ago, a friend of Brooke's bought her a copy of the highly entertaining and educational Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese. It's a cookbook written by a laid-off suburbanite-turned-food-blogger about her three-year journey to save some money by making all the food she would normally buy (such as cheese, […]

Brooke Ventura
Amy Alexander
Tuesday, July 1st 2014

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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