Silverio Gonzalez

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Years ago, when I first began to read Lutheran theologians, I remember friends warning me to watch out. “Lutherans were weak on sanctification,” they said. But by that point it was too late. The work of Martin Luther had already begun to haunt me. The wild and paradoxical claims in his Heidelberg Disputation intrigued me; […]

Silverio Gonzalez
Thursday, December 12th 2019

Jürgen Moltmann captured the heart of the church’s ethic when he wrote, “the Christian community does not live from itself and for itself, but from the sovereignty of the risen Lord and for the coming sovereignty of him who has conquered death and is bringing life, righteousness and the kingdom of God”.[1] This forward-looking perspective celebrated […]

Silverio Gonzalez
Monday, October 21st 2019

As a first century Jew under imperial Roman rule, the apostle John understood the challenge that arose between faith in Jesus and allegiance to an emperor who demanded complete submission. This is why John, in his eyewitness testimony, records the trial of Jesus and includes a clear social dynamic with political powers. Jesus’ trial and […]

Silverio Gonzalez
Monday, September 9th 2019

In Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God, Robert Kolb places his readers in contact with a world where the interpretation and application of Scripture was more than a matter of personal religious conviction. The sixteenth-century Reformers sought to recover God’s speech in Scripture—speech that had been crowded out by opinions, traditions, and superstitions, […]

Silverio Gonzalez
Robert Kolb
Tuesday, January 2nd 2018

In The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them, Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock attempt to lay out a biblical understanding of male and female relationships. The authors strive to promote a vision for the sexes where men are dignified gentlemen and women are ladies to be honored and respected. Opposing egalitarianism, feminism, gay, […]

Silverio Gonzalez
Owen Strachan
Sunday, January 1st 2017

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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