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I spent three hours waiting in line at the social security office last week. It was first thing in the morning, and the line weaved away from the designated waiting area, out the door, and down the sidewalk. The waiting area was smaller than I expected for a government building in a largely populated area. […]

Sherrene DeLong
Thursday, November 14th 2019

I’ll never forget the first time a man asked me why I was in seminary. “Why don’t you just get married and let your husband teach you?” he quipped. I glared at him and responded, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that studying the Bible formally for three years of my life would be detrimental to […]

Sherrene DeLong
Tuesday, April 23rd 2019

Last month, Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber spoke at the 2019 MAKERS Conference, an annual conference on gender equality. Before her speech, she brought out a small sculpture of a vagina she’d had welded from donated melted-down purity rings and presented it to feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Those who donated their rings received a ‘Certificate of Impurity’, […]

Sherrene DeLong
Monday, March 4th 2019

When I first heard the title of Ashley Hales’ début book, Finding Holy in the Suburbs: Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much, I confess that I became defensive. What’s wrong with the suburbs? I’ve lived in southern California for most of my life and I loved it. When I left the suburbs to […]

Sherrene DeLong
Friday, December 21st 2018

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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