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Flourish: How the Love of Christ Frees Us from Self-Focus by Lydia Brownback Crossway, 2019 139 pages (paperback), $12.99 In her latest book, Flourish, Lydia Brownback challenges readers to think carefully about their lives and to begin Christ-centered living rather than self-focused living. She begins by pointing out what types of things can cause us […]

Ayrian Yasar
Lydia Brownback
Wednesday, January 1st 2020

A Michigan woman lost her gym membership earlier this year after voicing complaints about the presence of a man in the women’s locker room. The brouhaha ignited over gender’the man used the woman’s locker room because he self-identifies as a woman. Planet Fitness cancelled Yvette Cormier’s membership because she violated the organization’s gender identity nondiscrimination […]

Lydia Brownback
Monday, August 31st 2015

Is marriage on the decline in Western culture? It would seem so given the number of books on singleness that have appeared on bookstore shelves in recent years. Could we be harkening back to Jeremiah's day when the absence of marriage was a sign of the times, more specifically, the decline of the times? "For […]

Lydia Brownback
Wednesday, May 2nd 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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