Kevin J. Vanhoozer

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It should be clear to the average Christian that Protestantism has long been suffering from a wildfire of denominational division. Flames emerge from every argument about whose reading of Scripture is right, and embers still smolder at the question of what a Christian is finally to believe. But what sparked the fire? What fueled the […]

John Raines
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Friday, June 30th 2017

Introduction: The Ugly Divorce between Theology and Biblical Studies According to David Bebbington’s well-known definition, “biblicism” is one of the four marks of evangelicalism, along with substitutionary atonement, conversion, and activism. For years, one of the chief questions fueling my work has been: What does it mean to be biblical? During this time, I witnessed […]

Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Thursday, July 1st 2010

Many Christian books available today seek to interpret or engage culture on our behalf. These (sometimes) wise guides attempt to critique culture in general or some aspect of it in light of the truth of the Bible. Kevin Vanhoozer, Charles Anderson, and Michael Sleasman want to do something more than interpret for us, something that […]

Mark Traphagen
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Tuesday, November 6th 2007

There is a subterranean issue that bedevils contemporary debates over the interpretation of Scripture. This fault-line is not geological but philosophical, and ultimately theological. On one side of the chasm are those who believe that texts have a specific message, a determinate meaning-in principle knowable-which the author verbally conveys to the reader. On the other […]

Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Monday, July 16th 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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