Dorothy Sayers

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If Christian dogma is irrelevant to life, to what, in Heaven’s name, is it relevant?—since religious dogma is in fact nothing but a statement of doctrines concerning the nature of life and the universe. If Christian ministers really believe it is only an intellectual game for theologians and has no bearing upon human life, it […]

Dorothy Sayers
Monday, May 1st 2017

Permission to reprint Dorothy L. Sayers “The Greatest Drama Ever Told” (Copyright 1963 from The Whimsical Christian (New York: Collier Books, 1987) has been granted by the Dorothy L. Sayers estate. Official Christianity, of late years, has been having what is known as “a bad press.” We are constantly assured that the churches are empty […]

Dorothy Sayers
Thursday, October 7th 2010

by John Bar-ZebedeePapyrus Press, Late First Century21 chapters (softcover), priceless The general public has had to wait a long time for these intimate personal impressions of a great preacher, though the substance of them has for many years been familiarly known in Church circles. The friends of Mr. Bar-Zebedee have frequently urged the octogenarian divine […]

Dorothy Sayers
John Bar-Zebedee
Friday, April 30th 2010

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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