Craig A. Parton

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It has almost assumed the status of “a truth beyond reasonable doubt” in Christendom that the Gospel of John is the most theological of all the Gospels.1 What is not argued, however, is that the Gospel of John is also the most apologetical of all the Gospels. It is literally stuffed from stem to stern, […]

Craig A. Parton
Tuesday, January 1st 2019

I had not unpacked my suitcase in the freshman dorm at college before Christians descended upon me like mongrel hordes. One in particular was my Resident Advisor or “RA.” He was a senior (thus worthy of genuflection) and a leader in an evangelical organization on campus. His bookshelf was stuffed with the best of apologetical […]

Craig A. Parton
Friday, May 20th 2016

David Limbaugh’s recent best-selling book, Jesus on Trial, had at least three things in its favor before I ever cracked the cover. First, the title showed an obvious interest in legal apologetics. With ‘trial,’ ‘lawyer,’ and ‘truth’ in the title, my legal chops were salivating (full disclosure, I happen to be a trial lawyer). Second, […]

Craig A. Parton
David Limbaugh
Monday, August 31st 2015

Louis Markos's Apologetics for the 21st Century might more aptly be entitled The Answer to Almost Every Modern Objection to Christianity Ever Asked, as Given by Almost Every Modern Apologist Who Ever Lived. The book attempts to cover all major modern apologists and just about all ancient and modern arguments marshaled on behalf of the […]

Craig A. Parton
Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

The theme of this provocative little book is: "Jewish rock music critic meets German Lutheran Baroque composer." I am not making this up. The author, Eric Siblin, is a former pop music critic for the Montreal Gazette. After submerging himself in countless rock and pop concerts, Siblin concluded that the "Top 40 tunes had overstayed […]

Craig A. Parton
Thursday, July 1st 2010

I’ve concluded that the typical evangelical funeral can go quite a ways to making a person an atheist. I’ve also concluded that the church needs to reclaim the fundamental truth that Christianity is primarily for dying. Not primarily for living, but for dying; and because it is primarily about preparing to die, it has something […]

Craig A. Parton
Friday, January 1st 2010

The current virulent strain of evangelical atheism does a disservice to many of the arguments of traditional atheism. I am thinking here of the latest efforts by the new Apostles of Atheism, Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Sam Harris (Letter to a Christian Nation), and Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything). […]

Craig A. Parton
Friday, February 29th 2008

C. S. Lewis, we all know, came "kicking and screaming" into the kingdom. My family has recently also come "kicking and screaming" into the Reformation. It has been a long and arduous journey which included an extended desert experience in evangelical pietism mixed with many years as missionaries with a high energy parachurch organization. These […]

Craig A. Parton
Wednesday, August 15th 2007

We the People is one of those do-it-yourself legal service operations. Marketers advertise it with sayings such as "Divorces for only $19.95." Their motto is "No lawyers-save money." The owners recently sold this business for more than 10 million dollars. I am sure they simply relied on their $19.95 business sale package forms to handle […]

Craig A. Parton
Thursday, May 3rd 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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