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A little over a decade ago, Mark Driscoll remarked that “video games aren’t sinful, they’re just stupid.” These words have reverberated in the ears of evangelical Christian gamers ever since. As I survey other pastors or theologians on the issue of video games (blogs on Crossway, The Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God), and compare that […]

Caleb Miller
Monday, July 18th 2022

“In all these divinely ordered massacres, the action was so horrific, and death on this scale by primitive weapons so fearsome, that we are forced to ask what we are to make of it as revelation.” These words from Derek Kidner capture well what was going through my mind in late 2008 as I wrestled, […]

Caleb Miller
Wednesday, June 1st 2022

It is trendy, especially among Christians on the political right in the US, to criticize cancel culture. It is no secret that cancel culture lacks grace and forgiveness. Even those who seem to embrace “cancel culture” distance themselves from the language of canceling. Those who relish the corporate ritual of call outs and clap backs, […]

Caleb Miller
Wednesday, May 18th 2022

Consider the following quotes about the advisability of expressing doubt from the pulpit: In its ugliest form, the preacher says something like this: “Our passage this morning, Luke 16:19–31, like quite a number of other passages drawn from the life of Jesus, depicts hell in some pretty shocking ways. Frankly, I wish I could avoid […]

Caleb Miller
Wednesday, March 9th 2022

One thing that puzzles newer preachers and teachers, and more than a handful of seasoned ones, is this: given a high view of biblical inerrancy and authority, and therefore a high level of confidence in the resurrection of Christ, power of the Spirit, and goodness of our Heavenly Father, what should preachers do when preaching […]

Caleb Miller
Friday, March 4th 2022

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

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