Brent McGuire

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There prevails within visible Christendom today a remarkable indifference toward the public ministry. Some congregations intentionally go years without a called pastor, simply because they find it cheaper to line up weekly pulpit supply. Fewer and fewer Christian parents encourage their sons to consider entering the ministry, a fact reflected in the declining rates of […]

Brent McGuire
Friday, April 29th 2011

The conventional account-at least the one this writer encounters most often-is that in Gethsemane Jesus demonstrates his humanity, by shrinking (as any of us would) from the painful death ahead of him. Jesus is deeply distressed by the prospect not only of dying but of being killed in a cruel and violent manner. He knows […]

Brent McGuire
Wednesday, May 2nd 2007

“Modern Reformation has championed confessional Reformation theology in an anti-confessional and anti-theological age.”

J. Ligon Duncan, IIISenior Minister, First Presbyterian Church