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article image"In This Issue"
By Ryan Glomsrud

At the very center of the Christian faith lies the belief in our Triune God. Read More

article image"Trinitarianism 101 : Evangelical Confusion and Problems"
By Carl R. Trueman

Of all the doctrines of the Christian faith honored in name and neglected in practice by evangelicals, the Trinity probably has no rival. Read More

article image"Trinity and Christian Life: : Why Believe the Trinity Today"
By Andrew Trotter

I believe in God, the Father Almighty ... And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord ... I believe in the Holy Ghost ...
(The Apostles' Creed, ca. 4th-5th c.)

ince its earliest days, the church has discussed, fought over, debated, professed ignorance of, conducted heresy trials about, but always ultimately confessed, the Trinity, the classic expression-unique to Christianity-of God as simultaneously both unity and plurality. Read More

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