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article image"In This Issue"
By Ryan Glomsrud

Surveying the evangelical landscape, those of us of Calvinist or Reformation conviction are supposed to be the intellectual types, the so-called smarty-pants always ready with an answer. Read More

article image"Why God Allows His People to Suffer : (According to the Puritans)"
By Brian H. Cosby

The Puritans are best known for their works of practical theology—works that express a profound grasp of biblical knowledge, channeled into tangible and helpful application for the believer. Read More

article image"Suffering as the Path to Glory : The Book of Psalms Speaks Today"
By Mark D. Futato

"Why do I have to suffer, Lord?" No doubt this cry has risen from the depths of your soul. For we have all suffered to one degree or another. But why? Sometimes we suffer because of our sin (Ps. 32:1-5; 38:1-4). Sometimes we suffer in spite of our innocence (Ps. 7:1-9; 44:9-22). Read More

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