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The New Spiritualities

May/June 2008
Volume: 17 Issue: 3

Your Own Personal Jesus By Michael S. Horton
Protestant Gnosticism Reconsidered By Philip J. Lee
In This Issue: Looking For God in All the Wrong Places By Eric Landry
Church: It's Time to Stop the Spiritual "Bait and Switch" By Jay Lemke
Is "Popular Culture" Either? (Sidebar) By Kenneth A. Myers
The New Spirituality: Dismantling and Reconstructing Reality By Peter R. Jones
Old Heresy, New Heretics: The Return of Gnosticism By Mark A Pierson
From Oppression to Confession: The Story of an Ex-Cult Member (Sidebar)
A Place for Grace: "Grace in Practice: A Theology of Everyday Life" by Paul F.M. Zahl (Book Review) By Denise M. Malagari
"Called to Serve" by Michael Brown (Book Review) By Jason J. Stellman
"Reformed and Always Reforming: The Postconservative Approach to Evangelical Theory" by Roger E. Olson (Book Review) By R. Scott Clark
"A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger than You" by Paul David Tripp (Book Review) By Mark Traphagen
Point of Contact: "The Gathering" by Anne Enright (Book Review) By Ann Henderson Hart
Prince Caspian: A Movie Review (Website) By Donald T. Williams
Prince Caspian: A Movie Review (Website) By Donald T. Williams


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