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The Christian Voters Guide

Sept./Oct. 2004
Volume: 13 Issue: 5

Ministers of God for Our Good: God's Gift of Civil Government By David VanDrunen
Does Character Count? (Sidebar) By David VanDrunen
"One Cheer"for Civil Religion? By William Inboden
Have You Received Your Biblical Scorecard? (Sidebar) By Michael S. Horton
Can a Christian Be a Yankee's Fan? (Sidebar) By Neil MacBride
Who's Afraid of Secular Politics?: Why Christians Don't Have to Be By D. G. Hart
Christianity and Politics: The Difference between Christians and the Church (Sidebar) By D. G. Hart
Christians and Political Action: An Interview with Michael Cromartie By
"High-Tech Worship? Using Presentational Technologies Wisely" by Quentin J. Schultze: Wired for Ministry by John P. Jewell (Book Review) By T. David Gordon
"Discerning the Spirits: A Guide to Thinking About Christian Worship Today" by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. and Sue A. Rozeboom (Book Review) By Gillis Harp
"Written in Stone: The Ten Commandments and Today's Moral Crisis" by Philip Graham Ryken (Book Review) By Sean Michael Lucas


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