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Holy War?

Jan./Feb. 2014
Volume: 23 Issue: 1

In this Issue (Letter from the Editor) By Ryan Glomsrud
The Church Meets the Humpty Dumpty Zoning Ordinance (Christ & Culture) By C. R. Wiley and David Stocker
Christian Perspectives on Euclidian Zoning (Sidebar) By C. R. Wiley and David Stocker
The New Testament Part 1: A Mother's Gift (The Greatest Story Ever Told) By Zach Keele
How was the Land Divided? (PDF) By MR Staff
Joshua's Missing Wall By Rachel M. Billings
A Canaanite Genocide? (Sidebar) By Rachel M. Billings
Christendom (Geek Squad) By Ryan Glomsrud
Divide and Conquer (PDF) By Iain M. Duguid