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Conversations for a Modern Reformation

Sept./Oct. 2012
Volume: 21 Issue: 5

Letter from the Editor (Letter) By Ryan Glomsrud
The Conversation is Global: Michael S. Horton Q & A with a Chinese Christian Leader (Interview)
The Celebrity Funeral and Modern Priestcraft (From the Hallway) By James Eglinton
Is Reformation Christianity Just for Eggheads? (Theology) By Brian J. Lee
Conversations for a Modern Reformation By Michael S. Horton
Reforming a Local Church By Ken Jones
What drove Luther's Hammer By Rod Rosenbladt
Short Term, Long Term: Youth Discipleship in Albania By Marie Notcheva
The Church after the Parachurch By Michael S. Horton
"Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism" by Kevin Bauder, R. Albert Mohler Jr., John G. Stackhouse Jr.,and Roger E. Olson (Book Review) By Dave Jenkins
" Developing a Healthy Prayer Life: 31 Meditations on Communing with God" by James W. Beeke and Joel R. Beeke (Sidebar) By Ryan M. McGraw
"Galatians" by J. V. Fesko By Ron Gleason
"The Devil and Pierre Gernet: Stories" by David Bentley Hart (Sidebar) By Brooke Ventura
The Lost Art of Conversation (Geek Squad) By Shane Rosenthal
Praying for the Persecuted Church (Back Page)


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