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Word and Sacrament: Making Disciples of All Nations

July/August 2011
Volume: 20 Issue: 4

Learning the A, B, Cs (In This Issue) By Ryan Glomsrud
Acts 4: The Community of the Kingdom (Studies in Acts) By Dennis E. Johnson
Just Being a Christian Church: An Update from the Chiesa Evangelica Riformata Filadelfia, Milan, Italy (Focus on Missions) By Andrea Ferrari
"Hi, I'm a Sinner" (From the Hallway) By Anonymous
Trees or Tumbleweeds? By Michael S. Horton
Face-to-Face Discipleship in a Facebook World By John J. Bombaro
What Does "This Means" Mean? By Rick Ritchie
Coming of Age in the Facebook Age By Alex Chediak
No Doctrinal Education, No Disciples: A Look at Yullin Presbyterian Church in Korea By Nam-Joon Kim
Baptism and Discipleship By J. V. Fesko
The Long and Short of Systematic Theology: "Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know" by Wayne Grudem and "Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe" by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears (Book Review) By Rick Ritchie
Why We Still Need Catechism: An Interview with J. I. Packer and Gary Parrett
"The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary" by Fred G. Zaspel (Book Review) By David Gibson
"Worship and the Reality of God: An Evangelical Theology of Real Presence" by John Jefferson Davis (Book Review) By Jon D. Payne
"The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains" by Nicholas Carr (Book Review) By Andy Wilson
Point of Contact: "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua (Book Review) By Brooke Ventura
Word & Sacrament Ministry (For a Modern Reformation) By Michael S. Horton


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