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Train Up a Child: Becoming People of the Word in a Culture of Images

Jan./Feb. 2001
Volume: 10 Issue: 1

Learning to Hear Again in a World of Noise:: Appreciating the Practical Benefits of the Lord's Day By Michael S. Horton
A Year of Signposts-Following the Church Calendar (Sidebar) By Michael S. Horton
Home Schooling: Recovering the Disciplined Art of Catechesis (Sidebar) By Michael S. Horton
Continually Learning the Meaning of our Baptism By Peter L. Bender
Working on Our Grammar:: William Willimon on Why Being Catechized Is Like Learning a Foreign Language
How the Bombarding Images of TV Culture Undermine the Power of Words By Douglas S. Groothuis
Charles Hodge on Christian Nurture (Sidebar)
Applying God's Word to All of Life?: The Use and Abuse of the Bible By Robert Letham
The New England Primer: Revisiting Colonial America's Best-Seller By Rachel S. Stahle
Is Theology Practical?: Interview with Ellen T. Charry
"Toward the Future of Reformed Theology" edited by David Willis & Michael Welker (Book Review) By Richard Lints
"Jesus and the Rise of Early Christianity: A History of New Testament Times" by Paul Barnett (Book Review) By Mark R. Talbot
"The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God" by D. A. Carson (Book Review) By Mark R. Talbot
"The Effective Pastor: The Key Things a Minister Must Learn to Be" by Peter White (Book Review) By David White


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