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Jon D. Payne

Rev. Dr. Jon D. Payne is minister at Christ Church Presbyterian (PCA) in Charleston, South Carolina.


"Worship and the Reality of God: An Evangelical Theology of Real Presence" by John Jefferson Davis (Book Review) - July/August 2011 Vol: 20 Num: 4
Hipster or Herald?: Five Exhortations for Young Preachers (Book Review) - July/August 2013 Vol: 22 Num: 4
Kingdom Worship on Kingly Terms - Nov./Dec. 2009 Vol: 18 Num: 6
Recovering the Lost Treasure of Evening Worship - May/June 2012 Vol: 21 Num: 3
The Great Omission: Searching for Ecclesiology in Contemporary Missiology - Sept./Oct. 2011 Vol: 20 Num: 5
The Roaring of Christ through Lectio Continua Preaching (Sidebar) - Nov./Dec. 2010 Vol: 19 Num: 6