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Only in eternity will truth, beauty, goodness, and love triumph finally.

A few years ago, I had a discussion with U.S. Senate chaplain, Dr. Richard Halverson, and he told me how difficult it is to travel around the world and have other American believers traveling with him express their faith in extremely cultural terms. Living in Washington, he says, "No one actually says it, but it's there, and that is the idea that if we just get the right man--and it has to be a man--in the White House, and the right people in the Supreme Court, we'll have the kingdom of God. Now let's get to it!" And then Dr. Halverson quoted a penetrating question from Malcolm Muggeridge: "What if the church had pinned its hopes on the Roman Empire?" "I can't forget that," Dr. Halverson said, "at a time when the church is pinning its hopes on the good 'ol U.S.A."

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Michael Horton is the J. Gresham Machen professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California (Escondido, California), host of the White Horse Inn, national radio broadcast, and editor-in-chief of Modern Reformation magazine. He is author of many books, including The Gospel-Driven Life, Christless Christianity, People and Place, Putting Amazing Back Into Grace, The Christian Faith, and For Calvinism.

Issue: "How Pro-Life Are You?" July/August 1992 Vol. 1 No. 4 Page number(s): 11-13, 22-23

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