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Those who claim that the Holy Spirit speaks outside of the Word do not magnify the ministry of God, they belittle it.

"Luther Bible babble bubble," jeered Thomas Muntzer. If Thomas Muntzer were alive today, his church would have a dove on its front wall. Or, more likely, no ornament; he would be too busy running "signs and wonders" conferences to worry about a building. Muntzer was thankful that Luther had unshackled the Church from Papal authority. But he felt that Luther had stopped short of true reformation. Not only the church hierarchy, but the Bible itself stood in the way of man's direct access to God. If Biblical authority could be set aside, the church would be open to the direct working of God in the present day. Sola Scriptura? Scripture alone? Luther Bible babble bubble.

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1 [ Back ] The New International Version translates the bracketed material as "fading though it was," but this is an inaccurate translation. No lexicon translates the verb as fading. All translate this verb as "being abolished." In this particular case, the King James Version gives us a more accurate translation.
2 [ Back ] Smalkald Articles, Part III, Article VIII,11. Biblical references inserted by me. In the original, they were in the footnotes.
3 [ Back ] Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Article XIII,13. If I remember correctly, in spite of his reference to sovereignty, the author of this ghastly piece of advice was an Arminian.
4 [ Back ] Walther, C. F. W., The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1986), 145.

Rick Ritchie is a long-time contributor to Modern Reformation. He is a graduate of Christ College Irvine and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Issue: "I Believe in the Holy Spirit" Sept./Oct. 1992 Vol. 1 No. 5 Page number(s): 12-16

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