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When the Method Obscures the Message

Why a Recovery of Theology & Apologetics is Essential for Our Evangelism

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I can still remember the failed evangelistic attempts of my Christian friends in high school. I was a non-practicing Jew, and they were "born again" Christians. During a skiing trip, one friend in particular kept trying to get me to listen to his "Christian" rock music, arguing that the quality was just as good. Well, frankly, the quality wasn't as good, and I just wasn't interested in religious music anyway. When I refused to bite, he tried to show me the clear "Christian" lyrics in the U2 tape I was listening to. "Did you know that the Son, 'Two Hearts Beat as One' is about a Christian view of marriage?" "No I didn't," I responded, "But who cares. It's just good music." Just for the record, that isn't exactly what U2's song is about.

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Issue: "Evangelism: To the Ends of the Earth, Till the End of the Age" May/June 1995 Vol. 4 No. 3 Page number(s): 24-26

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