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I Hate My Generation

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I can really relate to Cracker's new song, "I Hate My Generation." A couple of decades ago, most songs were overly optimistic, "All you need is love," "What the world needs now is love, sweet love," etc. But today, a refreshing pessimism abounds in popular music; refreshing not because pessimism is a cherished virtue in and of itself, but because in some respects this culture is beginning to realize that it is coming unglued. As in the case of Isaiah before the throne of God, this culture may indeed be realizing that it is "undone." But obviously, it is not because our culture is being confronted with the glory of God which brought a consciousness of guilt. Rather, it is our sins that are finding us out. And many of these sins were sown by our parents, and our parents' parents.

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Issue: "Scripture" May/June 1996 Vol. 5 No. 3 Page number(s): 23-25

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