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Of What Use Is the World's Wisdom-e.g., Marketing-in the Redemptive Enterprise?

Interview with Bill Donahue, Willow Creek

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As this issue's Letters to the Editor section readily testifies, our May/June issue on the dangers of seeker-driven (as opposed to theologically-driven) congregational outreach-"The Malling of Mission: How Suburban Values Control the Church Growth Movement"-raised the hair on the necks of more than a few readers. Some of the most interesting conversation this debate sparked was with Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago, a body often popularly identified as the leader of the megachurch movement. Some of Willow Creek's leaders objected to MR's treatment of the subject on a number of grounds, most notably that we understated the distinction they typically draw between a weekend "seeker service" and a midweek "worship service." Similarly, they protested that, on a number of occasions, we used the term "Willow Creek" as a sort of shorthand for a large and diverse church growth movement, some of which they too would like to distance themselves from.

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1 [ Back ] If I may, I will refer you to the article, "Myths About a Movement: Answers to Common Misunderstandings About Seeker-Oriented Churches" in the Willow Creek Association (WCA) News, September/October 1997. You can access it at

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Issue: "Why Two Kingdoms?: Dual Citizenship On the Eve of the Election" Sept./Oct. 2000 Vol. 9 No. 5 Page number(s): 42-46

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