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"Counsel from the Cross: Connecting Broken People to the Love of Christ" by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Dennis E. Johnson

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Cultural shifts in the perspective of broad fields of study such as philosophy, theology, sociology, and psychology eventually trickle down and begin to affect individuals in a society. The movement away from biblical truth in the twenty-first century is having a devastating effect on men and women already ruined by the Fall—devastating because most human beings move through life believing that they are basically good and that the answer to their despair can be found in their own, or another's, ability to think through their problems. In Counsel from the Cross, Elyse Fitzpatrick and Dennis Johnson set forth the major premise for the biblical "curing of souls." Those involved in the fields of counseling and pastoral care are called to stand solidly on the truths of Scripture, neither moving away from nor moving beyond the gospel, but digging more deeply into the gospel of grace. The work of Christ on the cross brings gospel clarity to the various issues men and women face daily.

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Issue: "Social Justice: Social Gospel?" Sept./Oct. 2011 Vol. 20 No. 5 Page number(s): 50-51

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