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Sola Scriptura, Etc.

Younger Evangelicals, Emergents, and Additional Sources of Authority

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With modernism disappearing in the rear-view mirror, a postmodern embrace of mystery is now possible. No longer is a cold, scientific explanation needed for belief in the supernatural. What exists now is an emerging world in which mystery gains firmer traction.

Quo warranto: "By what authority?" Posed to Jesus in Mark 11:28, this question became the driving impetus of the Protestant Reformation. By what authority should theology, spirituality, and ministry be judged? For nearly half a millennium, Protestants have answered this question by declaring sola scriptura. From Puritan pulpits in Britain to "Big Tent" revivals in America, "by Scripture alone" became a banner cry for those rallying behind the Protestant and eventually evangelical movement.

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Christian T. George (M.Div., Beeson Divinity School) is currently completing a Ph.D. in theology at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. His research focuses on the theology of nineteenth-century Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon. Christian is the author of five books, including Sacred Travels, Sex, Sushi, & Salvation, and Godology, and his sermons, articles, and book excerpts have been featured in Preaching and Christianity Today. You can visit him online at

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