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"Know what you believe and why you believe it"

The White Horse Inn, a nationally-syndicated weekly radio broadcast, is Modern Reformation's complementary radio program. The show is a roundtable discussion of theology, culture, and apologetics hosted by Modern Reformation's editor-in-chief, Michael Horton, as well as long-time contributors to MR Kim Riddlebarger, Rod Rosenbladt, and Ken Jones.

The topics discussed on the White Horse Inn often overlap with those covered in Modern Reformation. Modern Reformation will often print transcriptions of interviews on White Horse InnWhite Horse Inn will sometimes features other authors who are writing in Modern Reformation. These two programs are at the core of our work.

You can listen to the White Horse Inn online each week at Every program can also be downloaded in MP3 or podcast formats.

If you would like to receive the parter-length programs, including bonus interviews, lectures, and archive material, become a regular partner of the White Horse Inn on the Architect and Reformer levels. Architects and Reformers receive each month’s programs and bonus tracks on 4 CDs in the mail every month. For more information about how to become a regular partner of the White Horse Inn, click here.

All partners receive a subscription to Modern Reformation.

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